Hello, human. You'll find solo audio-workshops for personal strategy here.

values – you are here podcast

The episode on values invites you to revisit your work on personal values. I'm not looking for fancy values to put on a wall to admire, but for the things that shine through your daily work and observations. This too is a step towards a future episode on 'purpose'.

abilities & talents – you are here podcast

This episode explores the topic of abilities & talents. Think of it as a way to figure out which of the many things that we *can* do are things that actually drive us, that are talents that we might have. Sometimes we might not be aware of them. The topic is part of my slow approach to the big and mighty topic of 'purpose'.

you are here – Trailer

A short trailer for 'you are here' that invites you to go at your own pace. It's not the pace that makes the journey, it's the fact that you're moving.